Sunday, July 12, 2015

like a rich kid

After a long time, I am finally able to post new things! I haven't had a lot of time these past few weeks but hopefully I'll post a lot more from now on. I came to Lisbon - Portugal, a charming city, on a school trip for a week. One of my favourite parts was the dolphin spotting boat trip, as you can see here! It was an unique experience that I loved.

But we didn't just see dolphins, we went exploring the corners of the city. I was often the tour guide since I knew the city pretty well. We took walks by the shoreline, we went to Sintra, Cascais and we also enjoyed some days on the beach sunbathing. We also had some fancy parties at the Luxembourgish embassy and at the famous Museu dos Azulejos It was an awesome holiday which I enjoyed greatly. 

Here is the OOTD


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