Monday, December 26, 2016



Hello everyone! Todays post is kinda diferent cause I've never done it before! I'm starting a new category on my blog called "menbeauty"! Yes, it's about mens beauty products, lotions and whatnot! For starters I'd like to introduce you my recent collaboration with a brand called "frank body". 

This amazing lotion, peeling masks and body-scrub producing company comes from the other side of the world, namely Australia. This brand uses exclusively natural, plant-based ingredients with absolutely no animal contents or testing, which is the best choice for all the vegans out there reading this!

My favourite product was their body scrub, it left my skin super soft and hydrated which I loved. The body scrub is made of "roasted and ground robusta coffee beans", "cold pressed sweet almond oil", "vitamin E" and "sea salt". The face scrub is similar to the body scrub, but I still prefer the body scrub because of its intense coffee aroma. The lotion leaves a delicious vanilla aroma on the skin! 

 I strongly recommend "frank body" to every single one of you!

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